1. hurry, haste, undue haste. 2. urgent. 3. hurried, hasty (action). 4. in a hurry, hastily; urgently. –– acele in a hurry. ––ye boğmak /ı/ to do (something) hastily and carelessly. –– etmek to be in a hurry. ––ye gelememek (for someone) to refuse to do something hastily. ––ye gelmek (for a job) to be done hastily and carelessly. ––ye getirmek /ı/ 1. to act or do (something) quickly (in order to deceive someone). 2. to do (something) hastily and carelessly. –– ile in a hurry, hastily. –– işe şeytan karışır. proverb Haste makes waste. ––si yok. colloq. There is no hurry about it.


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