1. bitter (to the taste). 2. hot, peppery (to the taste). 3. rancid (butter); sour (wine). 4. bitter, penetrating (cold, wind). 5. poignant, very moving, sad. 6. caustic, hurtful, acerb, acerbic, biting (words). 7. harsh, severe (action). 8. painful, very disagreeable or difficult: acı bir hatıra a painful memory. acı bir tecrübe a painful experience. 9. (a color) of a somewhat glaring shade, that is almost garish. –– acı 1. poignantly, very movingly. 2. (aching) painfully. 3. harshly, bitterly, caustically. –– dil harsh words, biting words; reproach. –– kahve coffee made without sugar. –– kuvvet brute force. –– kuvvetli very strong. –– patlıcanı kırağı çalmaz. proverb A worthless person does not suffer hardship. –– son tragic end; tragic ending. –– su water which has a bitter taste (owing to the presence of minerals). –– tatlı 1. bittersweet, (something) which is a mixture of pain and pleasure: Acı tatlı birçok hatıramız var. We´ve a lot of memories, good and bad. 2. whatever (food): Acı tatlı ne varsa paylaşırız. We´ll share whatever food there is.


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