1. open. 2. unobstructed, free. 3. uncovered; naked, bare, exposed. 4. empty, clear, unoccupied. 5. spaced far apart, separated. 6. open for business, open. 7. clear, easy to understand; not in cipher. 8. not secret, in the open. 9. light (shade of color). 10. fortunate, promising. 11. obscene; suggestive. 12. open, defenseless, unprotected (city). 13. not roofed; not enclosed. 14. clear, cloudless, fine. 15. the open. 16. vacancy, job opening. 17. deficit, shortage. 18. excess of expense over income. 19. distance, space between. 20. outskirts; nearby place. 21. soccer wing, winger, player in a wing position. 22. open sea. 23. frank, open. 24. frankly, openly. ––ında/––larında naut. off ..., offshore. ––ta 1. outdoors, in the open air. 2. obvious, apparent. 3. naut. in the offing, offshore. 4. unemployed. –– açık openly, frankly. ––tan açığa openly. –– adım big step, wide step. –– ağızlı stupid, dim-witted. –– alınla with a clear conscience. ––a almak /ı/ to lay off (a government employee) temporarily. –– arazi mil. exposed terrain, unprotected terrain, open country. –– artırma sale by public auction. –– ateş mil. direct fire. ––ta bırakmak /ı/ 1. to leave (something) outdoors. 2. to leave out, exclude (a person from a privilege). 3. to leave (someone) without a home or a job. –– bono vermek /a/ 1. com. to give (someone) a blank check. 2. to give (someone) carte blanche, give (someone) freedom of action or complete control. ––ını bulmak to find something amiss. –– celse law public hearing. –– ciro blank endorsement, general endorsement. –– çek signed blank check. ––a çıkarılmak to be dismissed from work, be fired. ––a çıkarmak /ı/ 1. to fire (a government employee). 2. to bring (a matter) out into the open. ––a çıkmak 1. to be fired. 2. to become known, come out. ––ı çıkmak 1. (for one´s accounts) to show a shortage. 2. (for the inventory of property for which one is responsible) to show a shortage. –– deniz 1. law high seas. 2. the open sea. –– devre elec. open circuit, interrupted circuit. –– durmak to stand aside, not to interfere. –– duruşma law public hearing. ––ta eğlenmek to wait offshore without anchoring. –– eksiltme public bidding for a contract. –– elbise (a) revealing dress; (a) décolleté dress. –– elli open-handed, generous. –– ellilik open-handedness, generosity. –– fikirli broad -minded, enlightened, liberal-minded. –– gel! slang 1. Stay clear! 2. Come on, out with it! –– gelmek slang to stay away, not to come near. –– giyinmek to wear revealing clothes; to wear décolleté dresses. –– hava 1. open air, outdoor; fresh air. 2. clear weather. –– hava sineması open-air movie theater, open-air cinema. –– hava tiyatrosu open-air theater. –– hava toplantısı public protest meeting. –– hece gram. open syllable. –– imza signature on blank paper. ––ta kalmak/olmak to have lost one´s home or job, Brit. be up a gum tree. –– kalp ameliyatı open-heart surgery. –– kalpli open-hearted, candid. ––ı kapatmak to meet the deficit. –– kapı open door. –– kapı bırakmak /a/ to leave (someone) with some room for choice, leave (someone) with some leeway, not to tie (someone´s) hands. –– kapı politikası open-door policy. –– kart vermek /a/ to give (someone) carte blanche. –– konuşmak to be frank, talk frankly. –– kredi open credit, blank credit. –– liman 1. port unprotected from storms. 2. port without excessive formalities. 3. mil. unprotected port. ––lar livası colloq. the unemployed. –– maaşı half pay (while an employee is temporarily suspended). –– mektup 1. open letter. 2. unsealed letter. –– mevzi mil. exposed position. –– olmak /a/ 1. to be accessible (to). 2. to be receptive (to). –– ordugâh bivouac, temporary encampment. –– oturum panel discussion. –– oy open vote. –– oylama open voting. –– öğretim education modeled after that of an open university. ––ını örtmek to cover up one´s fraud. –– pazar open market. –– poliçe certificate of indebtedness issued before all the details are settled. –– saçık 1. off-color, risqué; bawdy. 2. indecent, immodest (clothing). 3. bawdily, lewdly. 4. (dressing) indecently, immodestly. –– saçık yayın pornography. –– seçik 1. definitely, clearly. 2. definite, clear. –– söylemek to speak openly. –– şehir mil. open city. –– taşıt open vehicle. –– teşekkür public acknowledgment of thanks. –– üniversite open university. –– vagon rail. flatcar. –– vermek 1. to have a deficit or shortage. 2. to lay oneself open to criticism. ––a vermek /ı/ to bring (a matter) out into the open, reveal, disclose. ––a vurmak 1. /ı/ to bring (a matter) out into the open, reveal, disclose. 2. (for a situation) to become apparent, become evident, become clear. ––ını yakalamak /ın/ to uncover (someone´s) fraud. –– yara open sore, open wound. –– yer vacancy. –– yürekle candidly, frankly. –– yürekli candid, frank. –– yüreklilik candor, frankness.


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