1. Oof!/God!/Lord!/Lord help us! (indicating disgust or anger). 2. Please!/For goodness sake! 3. My! (indicating great approbation). 4. mercy. –– Allah/Allahım! 1. God!/God have mercy! (indicating fear or amazement). 2. Oh Lord!/Oh God!/Lord help us! (indicating disgust or displeasure). –– aman (bir şey) olmamak not to be anything special. –– bulmak to escape, be saved. –– dedirtmek /a/ to make (someone) give up, make (one) yield. –– demek to ask for mercy; to surrender. –– derim! Don´t you do it!/Beware of doing such a thing! –– dilemek /dan/ to ask (one) for mercy. –– gayret! Keep on!/ Hold on! ––a gelmek to give up and submit. ––a getirmek /ı/ to make (someone) give up, make (one) yield. ––ı kesilmek 1. to be too weak to plead for mercy. 2. to have nobody to turn to for help. –– vermek /a/ to grant (one) his life, spare (one´s) life. –– vermemek /a/ 1. not to give (someone) a chance. 2. to kill (someone) without compunction. –– zaman a plea for mercy. –– zaman bilmemek/dinlememek to be implacable, refuse all pleas. –– zaman vermemek /a/ to beat (someone) without mercy. ––ı zamanı yok. There is no trying to get out of it; you must.


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