1. hanger, hook, anything by which another thing is suspended. 2. suspenders, Brit. braces. 3. clothes hanger. 4. coat rack. 5. med. sling. 6. the posting (of an announcement). 7. fruit threaded and hung for drying. 8. necklace or gold chain worn by women. 9. twigs placed so that silkworms will spin their cocoons on them. 10. something hung on the wall of a coffee house as a reward for the winner of a minstrelsy contest. 11. a piece of cloth hung at the top of a newly completed house by the owner as a reward for the builder. 12. a piece of cloth tied to the wedding vehicle as a present for the driver. 13. decorations hung above the bride´s throne at a wedding. ––ya almak /ı/ 1. to prop up (a building) temporarily (for repairs). 2. to lift (a sunken or disabled ship) by lines from other ships. ––da bırakmak /ı/ to leave in doubt, shelve (a matter). ––ya çıkarmak /ı/ to post (the banns). ––ya çıkmak (for a silkworm) to start spinning its cocoon. ––da kalmak to be unresolved, remain in suspense.


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