1. foot. 2. leg. 3. base, pedestal, footing. 4. treadle (of a sewing machine). 5. shaft (of a loom). 6. tributary. 7. outlet (of a lake). 8. step (in stairs). 9. gait, pace. 10. folk poetry rhyme; rhyme word. 11. foot (measure). 12. intersection between two lines or between a line and a plane. ––ta 1. standing, on one´s feet. 2. excited, aroused. 3. med. ambulatory. ––tan (satış) (selling meat) on the hoof (as opposed to butchered meat). ––ını alamamak 1. /dan/ to be unable to refrain (from). 2. to be unable to use one´s feet (because of pains or because they have gone asleep). ––ı alışmak /a/ to make a habit of going to. ––ını altına almak to sit on one´s leg. ––ının altına almak /ı/ 1. to beat, give a beating (to), thrash. 2. to ignore, transgress, violate. 3. to push aside (something useful). ––lar altına almak /ı/ to trample on, disregard. ––ının altına karpuz kabuğu koymak /ın/ to scheme to get (someone) fired. ––ının altında olmak (for a view) to be spread out beneath one. ––ının/––larının altını öpeyim. colloq. For God´s sake. –– atmak 1. /a/ to go (to) for the first time. 2. to take a step. –– atmamak /a/ not to go to; to stay away from. –– ayak üstüne atmak to cross one´s legs. –– bağı 1. impediment, hindrance, hobble, fetter. 2. person who creates an obligation and responsibility. ––ının bağını çözmek /ın/ 1. to divorce (one´s wife). 2. to free (someone) to act. ––ına bağ olmak /ın/ to hinder (one). ––ına bağ vurmak/––ını bağlamak /ın/ to hinder. –– basmak /a/ 1. to arrive (at), enter. 2. to begin, enter, start (a job). –– basmamak /a/ not to go to; to stay away from. ––lar baş, başlar ayak oldu. colloq. The first have become last, the last first./The social order is reversed and upstarts are in charge. –– bileği 1. ankle. 2. anat. tarsus. ––ları birbirine dolaşmak to stumble over one´s own feet. ––ına çabuk quick, quick to come and go. ––ını çabuk tutmak to hurry, walk quickly. ––ına çağırmak /ı/ to call (someone) into one´s presence. ––ını çekmek /dan/ to stop going to (a place). ––ına çelme takmak /ın/ 1. to trip up. 2. to prevent (another´s) success. ––ını çıkarmak to take off one´s shoes. –– değiştirmek to get into step by changing one´s foot (in marching). ––ını denk/tetik almak to be on one´s guard. ––ını denk basmak to be careful, be wary. –– diremek to insist, put one´s foot down. ––ına dolanmak/dolaşmak 1. to crowd around and create confusion. 2. /ın/ to obstruct. 3. to boomerang, recoil on oneself. ––ı dolaşmak 1. to trip over one´s own feet. 2. to get flustered and do something wrong. ––ları dolaşmak to trip on one´s feet, get one´s feet tangled up. ––ında donu yok, fesleğen ister/takar başına. colloq. She likes to show off regardless of her poverty. ––ta duramama astasia. ––ta durmak to stand, remain standing. ––a düşmek to have outsiders meddling in (a matter). ––ı düşmek /a/ to drop in on (a place, a house), visit while passing by. ––ına düşmek /ın/ to beg, implore. ––ı düze basmak to get over the hard part of something. ––a fırlamak to jump to one´s feet. –– freni foot brake. ––ına geçirmek /ı/ to pull on (one´s trousers). ––ına (kadar) gelmek /ın/ 1. to make (someone) a personal visit (as an act of deference). 2. (for any desired thing) to come to (one) by itself. ––ları geri geri gitmek to go reluctantly, drag one´s feet. ––ına getirmek /ı/ to have (something or someone) brought to one. ––ına gitmek /ın/ to make (someone) a personal visit (as an act of deference). ––ını giymek to put on one´s shoes. (kendi) ––ı ile gelmek 1. to come on one´s own initiative. 2. to fall into one´s lap. ––ına ip takmak /ın/ to backbite. –– işi errands and small deeds. –– izi footprint. ––a kaldırmak /ı/ 1. to upset, excite (a group). 2. to incite, stir up (a group) to rebellion. ––a kalkmak 1. to stand up, get up, rise to one´s feet. 2. to recover and get out of bed. 3. to get excited, be aroused. ––ta kalmak 1. to be left without a seat. 2. to remain standing; to have lasted. ––ına/––larına kara su/ sular inmek to be exhausted from standing. ––ını kaydırmak /ın/ to get (someone) fired. ––ını kesmek 1. /dan/ to stop going (to). 2. /ın, dan/ to get (someone) to stop going (to). –– kirası tip given to a person who brings a message or an article to one. –– makinesi treadle sewing machine. ––ını/––larını öpeyim. colloq. I beg you./I implore you. ––ının pabucunu başına giymek 1. to marry an inferior. 2. to raise an inferior to a position above his rank. ––ına pabuç olamamak/––ının pabucu olamamak /ın/ to be inferior to (someone). –– parmağı toe. –– satıcısı peddler. –– sesi footstep. ––ına sıcak su mu dökelim, soğuk su mu? colloq. How wonderful that you´ve come! Why have you neglected us? ––ı/––ları suya ermek/değmek to be disillusioned, find out the sad truth and come to one´s senses. –– sürtmek to walk around a great deal. –– sürümek 1. to look for a way out of a job. 2. to drag one´s feet. ––ını sürümek 1. to drag one´s feet on a matter. 2. to be on the verge of leaving. 3. to be at the point of death. 4. to delay one´s departure. 5. in popular belief to come and thus be the cause of another´s coming. –– tarağı anat. metatarsus. –– tedavisi treatment given in the outpatient clinic of a hospital. ––ını tek almak to be on one´s guard. ––ına tez quick, quick to come and go. ––ının tozu ile having just arrived. ––ta tutmak /ı/ 1. to keep (someone) standing. 2. to keep (someone) on his feet, keep (someone) out of trouble. 3. to keep (an old custom) alive; to sustain, preserve. ––ıyla tuzağa düşmek to let oneself fall into a trap. ––ının türabı olmak /ın/ to be (someone´s) slave. ––ı uğurlu (one) who brings good luck. –– uydurmak /a/ 1. to fall in step; to keep in step (with). 2. to conform one´s behavior to. 3. to compose a line which rhymes with (a previous line). ––ta uyumak to be dead on one´s feet. –– üstü/üzeri without sitting down, in haste. ––ını vurmak (for a shoe) to chafe one´s foot. –– yapmak /a/ slang to dupe, cheat. ––ı yerden kesilmek 1. to be off the ground. 2. to be saved from walking (by using a vehicle). ––larını yerden kesmek 1. to ride instead of walking. 2. /ın/ wrestling to lift (one´s opponent) off his feet. ––ları/––ı yere değmemek to be walking on air. ––ını yorganına göre uzat. proverb Live within your income.


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