1. /ı/ to sink (a ship); /ı, a/ to cause (someone, something) to sink into. 2. /ı, a/ to dip, dunk (one thing) into (another). 3. /ı, a/ to get (someone, something) covered in. 4. /ı/ to dirty, make a mess of (one´s clothes). 5. /ı/ to lose (money, wealth) (owing to mismanagement, another´s dishonesty). 6. /ı/ to cause (someone, a company) to go into a financial decline; to bankrupt. 7. /ı, a/ to stick (a pointed object) into; to insert (a sharp instrument, e.g. a hypodermic needle) into. 8. /ı, a/ to prick (something) with: İğneyi parmağıma batırdım. I pricked my finger with the needle. 9. /ı/ to run (someone) down, denigrate. 10. /ı/ to cause (something) to cease to be, destroy.


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