1. oversize, oversized; big and ungainly; oversized and unwieldy. 2. (something) which is no longer fit to be used; useless. 3. (something) which is no longer in use, disused. 4. (document) which has been voided. 5. (something) which has been put out of service, which has been made unusable. 6. idle; unemployed. 7. documents which are no longer valid. –– boy extra-large, oversized: battal boy gömlekler extra-large shirts. –– çekmek /a/ to void, cancel (a document). –– etmek /ı/ to put (something) out of service, make (something) unusable: Kuyuyu battal ettiler. They sealed up the well. –– gemi boat which is difficult to maneuver, which doesn´t handle well.


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