1. white. 2. white spot. 3. fair-skinned. 4. clean copy. 5. blank paper. 6. print. regular (typeface) (as distinguished from boldface and italic); lightface. 7. slang heroin. ––ın adı var, esmerin tadı. proverb Blondes have the name but brunettes have the attraction. –– ciro com. blank endorsement. beyaza çekmek/–– etmek /ı/ to make a clean copy (of). ––a çıkarmak /ı/ to clear (from accusation). –– eşya white goods, household appliances. –– iş simple white embroidery. –– kadın ticareti white slave trade. –– oy a vote in favor, aye. B–– Rus 1. (a) Belarussian, (a) Byelorussian. 2. hist. (a) White Russian. 3. Belarussian, Byelorussian (person). 4. hist. White Russian (person). B–– Rusça 1. Belarussian, Byelorussian, the Belarussian language. 2. (speaking, writing) in Belarussian, Belarussian. 3. Belarussian (speech, writing); spoken in Belarussian; written in Belarussian. B–– Rusya 1. Belarus, Byelorussia. 2. hist. White Russia. B–– Saray the White House. –– zehir hard drug.


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