1./ı, a/ to have (someone) cut and shape or hew (wood, stone) (according to a pattern); /ı/ to have (wood, stone) cut and shaped or hewn (according to a pattern). 2. /ı, a/ tailor. to have (someone) cut (cloth) (in order to make a garment); to have (someone) cut out (a garment). 3. /ı, a/ to have (someone) reap (a cereal crop) or cut (hay, grass); /ı/ to have (a cereal crop) reaped; /ı/ to have (hay, grass) cut. 4. /ı/ to have (people) mown down (with a volley of fire). 5. /a, ı/ to have (something) priced: Bu kitaplara fiyat biçtireceğim. I´m going to have these books priced.


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