1. /ı/ to choke, strangle, throttle; to suffocate; to drown. 2. /ı/ to drown out, obliterate. 3. /ı, a/ to cover (a place) with (something). 4. /ı, a/ to shower (something) upon (someone), rain (something) upon (someone). 5. /ı/ to flood (a motor). 6. /ı/ (for a color) to make (a place) seem small; (for a color) not to look good on (someone). 7. /ı, a/ to cover (something) up with, drown (something) in (bluster, a torrent of words). 8. /ı/ slang to sponge off, freeload off. 9. /ı/ slang to cheat, dupe, swindle.


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