,çalkanmak 1. to be shaken, be agitated. 2. to be tossed about. 3. to be shaken up; to be beaten; to be whipped; to be churned. 4. (for dishes, one´s mouth) to be rinsed. 5. (for grain) to be sieved (by shaking it). 6. (for eggs) to go bad. 7. (for one´s stomach) to get upset. 8. (for a sea, a lake) to billow, get rough. 9. to pulsate, pulse, vibrate (with a feeling). 10. /da/ (for news, a rumor) to echo around, reverberate around (a place); /la/ (for a place) to be talking about nothing but (a specified piece of news). 11. (for a ship) to roll from side to side. 12. (for a woman´s hips) to wiggle; (for a belly dancer´s stomach) to wiggle.


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