1. to crack, split. 2. (for skin) to crack, chap. 3. /dan/ to be near death or die from (overeating, overdrinking, fatigue, or excessive crying). 4. /dan/ to be consumed by, be eaten up with (jealousy, curiosity, or loneliness); to be ready to explode from, feel like screaming because of (boredom or anger); to be crushed by (grief). 5. (for a wave) to break. çatlasa da (patlasa da) colloq. no matter how hard he tries, no matter what he does: Çatlasa da patlasa da onun dediğini yapmayacağım. No matter how hard he pushes me, I won´t do what he says. çatlayan dalga breaker. çatlayası colloq. damned, darned.


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