1. /ı/ to stack, pile (arms); to prop (poles, etc.) together (as one would stack rifles). 2. /ı/ to put up (a framework of poles or timbers). 3. /ı/ to erect (something) in a makeshift manner. 4. /ı, a/ to put (a load) on both sides of (a pack animal). 5. /ı/ to baste (pieces of cloth) together, tack (pieces of cloth) together. 6. /ı/ to tie on (a cloth worn around the forehead). 7. /ı/ to knit (one´s brows). 8. /a/ to meet with, come up against, run up against (someone or something unpleasant). 9. /a/ to encounter, chance upon (someone). 10. /a/ to scold, berate. 11. /a/ to hit, bump. 12. /a/ to ingratiate oneself with, get in with, cozy up to. 13. (for a time) to come round, be upon one. Çattık! colloq. We´re in for it now!


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