1. double, made up of two identical parts: çifte gerdanlı double-chinned. çifte merdiven double stairway. 2. propelled by a pair of oars: üç çifte kayık a caique propelled by three pairs of oars. 3. double-barrel, double-barreled gun. 4. kick made by an animal using both of its hind feet at once. –– atmak /a/ (for an animal) to kick (someone, something) using both of its hind feet at once. –– dikiş slang 1. repeater (of a class). 2. repeating a class. –– dürbün binoculars. –– harf print. double letter, ligature. –– kavrulmuş 1. Turkish delight that has a hard consistency and that has been cut into small pieces. 2. roasted almonds that have been glazed with sugar. 3. hard-boiled (person). 4. very experienced, (someone) who has seen a lot. 5. (someone) who has undergone a lot of suffering. 6. slang (student) who is repeating a class. –– kumrular two inseparable chums. –– minare pair of minarets, twin minarets. –– sigorta double insurance. –– şamdan two-branched candelabrum. –– vergi double taxation. –– yoğunluk comp. double density.


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