1. much; many, a lot of, lots of, plenty of. 2. often, long (time). 3. very. 4. very much. 5. poly-. ––tan long since, a long time ago. çoktan beri/––tandır for a long time (now). –– bilmiş 1. clever, smart. 2. cunning, crafty. –– çok at most, at the very most. –– defa 1. often, frequently. 2. many times. –– fazla far too much. –– geçmeden before long, soon. –– gelmek /a/ 1. to be too much (for). 2. to become too much for (someone) to take. –– gezen çok bilir. proverb One who travels a lot knows a lot. –– gitmek to go too far. –– görmek 1. /ı/ to consider (something) to be too much. 2. /ı, a/ to begrudge (someone) (something). ––a kalmaz before long. –– kere/kez 1. often, frequently. 2. many times. ––a mal olmak to cost a lot. –– naz âşık usandırır. proverb If you behave too coyly you will lose your lover. –– olmak to go too far, overstep the limit. –– söylemek to talk too much. –– sürmez. It won´t last long. –– şey! How strange!/What an odd business! –– şükür! Thank God! –– taraflı law multilateral. ––a varmaz soon, before long. –– yanlı/yönlü versatile, many-sided. –– yaşa! 1. Bless you!/Gesundheit! (said when someone has sneezed). 2. Bless you! (said to someone with whom one is highly pleased).


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