1. rotten, decayed. 2. not well made, unstable, not up to specifications. 3. without a reasonable basis, unfounded; untenable. 4. bruise, discoloration, black-and-blue spot. 5. slang whore, prostitute. –– çarık worn-out; dilapidated. ––e çıkarmak /ı/ 1. to discharge (a soldier) as unfit for duty. 2. to discard (something) as useless. ––/çürüğe çıkmak 1. (for a soldier) to be discharged as unfit for duty. 2. to be discarded as useless. –– gaz auto. exhaust fumes. –– para/akçe worthless coin. –– su naut. dead water. –– tahtaya basmak to fall into a trap. –– yumurta rotten egg.


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