1. mountain. 2. heap, mound. –– adamı man completely lacking in refinement. ––lar anası huge woman. –– ayısı country bumpkin, yokel, lout. –– başı 1. mountain top, summit. 2. remote place, place that is far removed from a town or city. 3. wild and lawless place. ––da büyümüş uncouth, coarse, unrefined. ––a çıkmak to become an outlaw (who lives in the mountains); to take to the mountains in order to escape the law. –– dağa kavuşmaz, insan insana kavuşur. proverb People can always reunite someday. ––ları devirmek to accomplish Herculean tasks. –– doğura doğura bir fare doğurmuş. colloq. Our expectations were built up only to be let down in a big way. ––lara düşmek to lose everything, be destitute and homeless; to wander around in sorrow and bewilderment. –– eteği 1. the skirt of a mountain. 2. piedmont. –– geçidi mountain pass. ––dan gelip bağdakini kovmak for an upstart to come in and try to oust the old-timers. ––dan gelmiş uncouth, loutish. dağ/––lar gibi 1. huge, tall and hulking. 2. in a huge pile; in huge piles. dağ/––lar kadar a mountain of, a huge quantity of. ––a kaldırmak /ı/ to take (someone) forcibly to a remote place. –– kitlesi geol. massif. –– savaşı mountain warfare. –– sırtı ridge of a mountain. –– silsilesi mountain range. ––ların şenliği colloq. bear. –– taş 1. all around, as far as the eye can see, everywhere. 2. a huge quantity of, a mountain of. 3. in a huge quantity. ––lara taşlara! God preserve us from it! (expression used when a calamity is mentioned).


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