1. straight. 2. true. 3. proper, suitable. 4. honest, good (person). 5. correct, accurate. 6. the truth. 7. math. line. 8. truly, correctly. 9. straight, directly. 10. /a/ toward, in the direction of. 11. /a/ toward, near the time of. 12. That´s true. 13. colloq. a correct answer (in a test). ––dan directly. –– açı geom. straight angle. –– adam honest man, just man. –– akım direct current. ––dan ayrılmamak not to swerve from honesty. –– bulmak /ı/ to approve of. –– çıkmak to come true, prove to be right. –– çizgi geom. straight line. ––dan doğruya directly. –– doğru dosdoğru .... The exact truth (of the matter) is that .... ––ya doğru, eğriye eğri demek to speak the simple truth; to call a spade a spade. –– durmak 1. to stand up straight, stand erect. 2. to sit still, be quiet. –– dürüst 1. properly. 2. genuine, real, proper. –– orantılı math. directly proportional. –– oturmak to sit still, sit properly. –– rota naut. direct course. –– söylemek to speak the truth. –– söyleyeni dokuz köyden kovarlar. proverb The man who tells the truth is driven out of nine villages. –– söze akan sular durur. proverb When the truth is spoken it is useless to argue. –– söze can kurban. colloq. It is very good to hear the truth. –– söze ne denir? colloq. That is the way it is. What more can you say? ––dan şaşma. Don´t stray from what is right./Avoid temptation. –– yanlış cetveli list of errata. ––nun yardımcısı Allahtır. proverb God helps an honest man. –– yol the right way.


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