1. bent; crooked; curved, curving. 2. (something) which is leaning to one side, leaning. 3. untrustworthy, unreliable. 4. math. curve. 5. curve, graph, line representing something graphically. –– (gözle) bakmak /a/ to look at (someone) malevolently, look at (someone) with malevolence in one´s eyes. –– büğrü 1. very crooked, tortuous. 2. bent and twisted. 3. scrawly (handwriting). ––si doğrusuna gelmek for an affair that didn´t promise success to turn out well. –– gemi doğru sefer. colloq. The equipment may leave a lot to be desired but I´ll get the job done. –– söz slander. –– yüz/çehre gumpy face, sour face.


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