colloq. 1. so-and-so. 2. a certain person, you know who. 3. what´s his name; what´s her name. 4. around, roughly, approximately, or so: Sekiz kişi falan geldi. Eight or so people came. On beş ağustosta falan olacak. It´ll be on the fifteenth of August or thereabouts. 5. and people such as they, Brit. and co.; and such, and so forth, and so on, and what have you, and what not; et cetera, etc.: Ali, Veli, Naili falan geldiler. Ali, Veli, Naili and co. have come. Fuzuli´yi, Nefi´yi, Nedim´i falan okudum. I´ve read Fuzuli, Nefi, Nedim, etc. –– filan/festekiz/feşmekân/fıstık/fistan/fişman 1. given people, these people; given things, these things. 2. and people such as they, and that lot; and what have you, and what not; et cetera, etc. 3. such and such: Falan filan tarihlerde falan filan gelecek. On such and such dates such and such people will come.


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