1. /ı/ to have (someone, something) pass. 2. /ı, dan/ to have (someone, something) pass through, have (someone, something) go through. 3. /ı, dan/ to have (someone, something) pass over, cross, or traverse. 4. /ı, a/ to pass (something) through. 5. /ı, a/ to carry (something) over to, move (something) over to (a place); to transport (something) to, convey (something) to (a place). 6. /ı, a/ to record (something) on/in, enter (something) in/on, register (something) in, write (something) down on/in, put (something) down on/in. 7. /ı, a/ to put, fit, fix, or insert (glass) into (a frame). 8. /ı, a/ to put or slip (a cover, a case) on/over. 9. /ı, a/ to put or slip (a ring) on. 10. /ı/ to see (someone) off. 11. /ı, a/ to accompany (someone) to (a place). 12. /ı, da/ to pass, spend, or have (a period of time) at/in. 13. /ı, a/ to put (a garment) on. 14. /ı, dan/ to subject (someone) to, inflict (someone) with. 15. /ı/ to have, be involved in (an accident). 16. /ı/ to have, suffer from, be afflicted with (a disease). 17. /ı/ to have, undergo (a medical operation). 18. /ı, a/ to transmit (a disease) to (someone, an animal), spread (a disease) to (someone, an animal), infect (someone, an animal) with (a disease). 19. /ı/ to transmit (light, heat, etc.). 20. /ı, la/ to spend (a period of time) on/in/by (doing something). 21. /la, ı/ to get by with (something) for (a period of time). 22. /a/ slang to *fuck, *screw.


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