1. /a/ to enter, go in, go into. 2. /a/ to enter, come in, come into. 3. /a/ to fit into, go into; to fit, fit onto. 4. /a/ to enter into, participate in, join in; to join. 5. /a/ (for armed forces) to enter, invade, penetrate. 6. /a/ to go into (a matter) deeply. 7. /a/ to go into, enter into (a subject). 8. /a/ (for a contagion) to spread among, attack. 9. (for a period, season, etc.) to come, begin. 10. /a/ (for pain) to come to; (for an ache) to appear in. 11. /a/ to become, turn, be transformed into. 12. /birbirine/ to go at each other, go for each other. 13. /a/ to begin. 14. /a/ to become (a certain age). 15. /a/ to enter into, go into the making of. 16. /a/ to be enrolled, enroll (in/at); to be admitted to; to be enlisted in, enlist in, join (the armed forces). girecek delik aramak to look for a hole to crawl into or hide in. girip çıkmak /a/ 1. to stop by, drop in for a minute. 2. to frequent, visit (a place) often.


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