1. sky; the heavens; the firmament. 2. celestial, heavenly. ––te ararken yerde bulmak /ı/ to find (something) in an unexpected way; to run across (someone) one has long been looking for. –– atlası celestial atlas. ––lere çıkarmak /ı/ to praise (someone) to the skies. ––lere çıkmak to rise to the sky. –– delinmek to rain torrentially, rain cats and dogs, pour. ––ün dibi delinmiş. colloq. Rain is falling in torrents. –– gürlemek to thunder. –– gürlemesi/gürültüsü thunder, a clap of thunder. –– kubbe the vault of heaven, the celestial vault. –– mavisi sky-blue, azure. ––te yıldız ararken yerdeki çukuru görmemek colloq. to try to tackle big projects while being unable to do small things successfully. ––ten zembille inmek colloq. 1. to be perfect. 2. to come out of the blue.


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