1. /ı, a/ to show. 2. /ı/ to show, point at, point to. 3. /ı/ to show, indicate, denote, designate, manifest, point out. 4. /ı/ to show, project (a movie, slides, etc.). 5. /ı, a/ to expose (something) to (the sun, heat, light, etc.). 6. /ı/ to show, demonstrate, evidence. 7. /ı/ to show, explain, point out. 8. /ı, a/ to show or assign (someone) (work to be done). 9. /ı/ to show off; to set off, display (something) to advantage. 10. /ı/ to show, display, reveal. 11. /a/ to show, get even with. 12. to seem to be, appear to be, look to be. 13. auxiliary verb to show, have, give evidence of (feelings, character, disposition): saygı göstermek to show respect, be respectful. sabır göstermek to show patience, be patient.


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