,-li 1. state, condition. 2. situation, circumstances, state of affairs. 3. behavior, attitude. 4. the present time. 5. strength, energy. 6. trouble. 7. gram. case. -diği ––de 1. although: İki kez okuduğum halde kitabı hâlâ anlamış değilim. Although I´ve read the book twice I still haven´t understood it. 2. with: Ekber, elinde ölü fare olduğu halde sokağa fırladı. Ekber dashed out to the street with the dead mouse in his hand. 3. if: Bu ay içinde evi terkettiğiniz halde sizi mahkemeye vermem. If you leave the house this month I won´t take you to court. ––inde 1. as, in (a specified state): Balıkçılar grup halinde geldi. The fishermen came in a group. 2. in case (of), in the event (of): Bu merdiveni ancak lüzumu halinde kullanın! Use this stairway only in case of necessity! Seyahatin iptal edilmesi halinde paranız iade edilir. In the event the tour is canceled your money will be refunded. (bir) –– almak to come to a state of. ––den anlamak to sympathize, be sensitive and understanding. ––e bak! How terrible!/How strange! ––ine bak! /ın/ Just look at him!/Poor dear! ––ine bakmadan forgetting his limitations. ––ine bakmamak to go ahead without considering one´s own limitations. ––ine bakmaz, Hasan Dağı´na oduna gider. colloq. He acts without thinking of his own limitations. –– böyle iken and yet, nevertheless. –– değişimi astr. change in the observable qualities of a star. ––i duman olmak to fall into dire straits. –– duygusu psych. coenesthesia, cenesthesia. ––den düşmek to fail in health, get weak. ––ine gelmek 1. to become. 2. to become like. ––den hale girmek to blush, be overcome with confusion. ––i harap olmak 1. to be exhausted, be done in. 2. to be done for. –– hatır sormak to inquire after somebody´s health. ––i kalmamak to be exhausted. ––ine köpekler güler. colloq. He is an object of ridicule./He is a laughingstock. ––i nereye varacak? colloq. What is to become of him?/Where will he end up? ––i olmamak not to have energy, be worn out. ––imi sorma! colloq. Don´t ask!/Things are not going at all well! (said as a reply to “How are you?”). ––ini sormak /ın/ to inquire after (someone´s) health. –– tercümesi 1. biography. 2. short autobiography. 3. curriculum vitae. –– ulacı gram. participial adverb. ––i vakti yerinde well-off, well-to-do, rich. ––im yok. colloq. I´m not up to it./I don´t have the energy for it. ––e yola koymak /ı/ to put (something) in order, arrange.


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